Zelda twilight princess models

i would like to see some zora armor, magic armor, ordon link models. if thats not possible then could ou point me to a tutorial for ripping models from dolphin emu and the steps to put them on gmod,
thanks in advance




okay guys really, he needs help, if your gonna post that crap here, then leave and don’t post here again. And sorry, I don’t have a clue on what to do, I just came here to see if any body fufilled your request and then I saw those idiots posting and so…

well thanks for checking in

More sir?

yea im looking for zora magic ordon armor, i already have all those models, i also need a tutorial for rippiing-riggin-importing to gmod

im not getting very many replies.

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well some people probably havent even thought about it yet. do you know luigimario, or mariokartn64? drop a line by one of them and maybe they can help you out.