✦ZeldaRP✦ A NEW Concept...

So first of all thanks for taking interest in this ambitious project.It means a lot to me but whatever…

So to celebrate the soon to be released Zelda game I was inspired to make a Zelda styled DarkRP overhaul.It’ll take me about 2-3 months to get everything set up and working and another 2-3 weeks to get the hosting options chosen…I’m thinking of serenity servers as nfo servers is a bit expensive but if you know a better or cheaper option let me know in the comments.Well on to the concept ideas 0_o.But even before that I NEED PEOPLE TO HELP ME ;/…if you are in any way willing to help or just want to give me some motivational comment on my steam profile here for an add and the reason and I will add you and talk about it:


I’ll be using a modified version of either one of the two maps listed below but I need a mapper to help me edit it up a bit just contact me on steam with the link above.Also I have the VTF files ready.Map links and images are below.

rp_medieval_v2~ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=754047205&searchtext=

rp_Legend Of Zelda~https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=370848145&searchtext=


Yes I will need some future staff to help run the server so if you’re interested in being a mod or admin for the soon to be server and are willing to help in any way please hit me up on steam.Its that simple…I wont piss you off.

Curent staff~

(Coming soon)
(Coming Soon)

Server content~

This is the in-progress server collection…Its looking a bit empty but keep in mind I just started it today soon it will have enough addons to make you lag…HARD >:D
Just kidding.On a brighter note,if you have the time to follow me on the steam workshop it would realy boost my motivation :).


This may seem like an easy thing to you but hosting is the most dreadful part of this whole thing. Im slowly acculturating money to pay for some hosting from maybe superior servers…for me NFO is way too expensive.
I don’t expect ANYONE to do this but if your willing to pay for the hosting of this server or part of it (like for a month) when It releases that would be AMAZING.
I would be able to offer you some realy nice benefits and custom classes but again I don’t think anyone would do this but if you will and your that person with money to spend :slight_smile:

Sorry for the HUGE pictures,It just to preserve quality.

The young warriors of Hyrule…Keeping peace in the town.

A screenshot of the edited portion of themap…Imported straight from Wind Waker.

Adding doors to various buildings…Its hard.

Complete with a Zelda Hud Im coding…Oh yeaaaaaa.

  • Illegal guns? Wonder who sold them…*

Gun dealers…oh wait they are called “traders”


Grass looks laggy.

If you are reading this far thanks again for your interest…
I just typed this stuff today so It doesn’t have a load of stuff and info but Ill be adding more later on. :slight_smile:

~Darkly ツ

(P.S.) Some of these pictures are taken on maps imported straight from the game itself running on a dolphin emulator :slight_smile:

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Please leave some helpful comments on how I cant improve this early concept or flame me from not getting copyrights to use from nintendo.

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Where do I begin

a third of these are gmod poses
a third of them are ingame screenshots FROM the LoZ games
and the last third is a player standing in a place with a LoZ playermodel, taken presumably in sandbox

I have high hopes for this gamemode keep it going!!

looks fake dude

From what I read it’s an advertisement for his server. Consider he’s asking for staff and server hosting.

More like advertising that he wants a server

Already lost my interest.

YES YES. This Is exactly what Garry’s Mod needs. More DarkRP Edit Gamemodes.

Was interested till I saw DarkRP and saw that wasnt’t Outset Island in Source.

“Grass looks laggy.”
Those Core Features.

"I just typed this stuff today so It doesn’t have a load of stuff "
Looking forward to more Stuff.

Well I see a lot of people aren’t that interested in DarkRP.Thats totally fine and well Im not realy advertising as Im probably just going to overhaul DarkRP Never mentioned a server IP or name let alone the hosting area :confused: I still have a long way to go…If you want to complain about DarkRP itself I agree with you that its cancerous…But this is just something Im doin for fun :slight_smile:

You’re better off learning to code instead of editing single lines. And make your own gamemode.
way more fun imo (;

*And I only say this from expereince, not to be mean. We’ve all made a DarkRP Remake lmao. Spoiler Alert. It sucked dick and no one played it. *

The only DarkRP Gamemode remake I will ever praise is GangWarsRP.

The original Gangwars RP wasn’t even really RP. It encouraged killing, taking people’s bases, and building up essentially a group. Robbing the bank had good perks, while dangerous as you ticked off everyone in the server, and you could get strong just by playing.

Bases weren’t dumb as shit either, it was all built using their own system.

It was great.

Yeah, I just liked the way you could make a gang and control territories and fight for them, If they weren’t making a Comeback I’d be making that gamemode right now.


I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but please come back when you have something real to show. Concepts and half-assed stuff doesn’t get well received here. I mean, the board name “Gamemodes & Addon Releases” should speak for itself.

Your enthusiasm is admirable though. You do have to start somewhere as a developer, so keep up the work and see where it gets.

You don’t need to release stuff in this section sadly.

Literally quoted the rules posted in the sticky in this board. You do indeed need to release stuff here. Unless the rule isn’t enforced, then yeah, I don’t know.

Keyword being Publication .

Right, which could be interpreted as another word for release, not “publishing your unfinished gamemode” which makes very little sense.

Either way, directly below that is another post:

So if you “publish” a WIP gamemode, it should at least have plenty of content and progress made.

Anyway it doesn’t really matter. It would be nice if the rule was clarified by a higher up.