Zen and the Art of Rust: Gryms Figure 8 Rollercoaster(New Building System)

I wanted to try out the new Building System, and see how well it would make Spiral Staircases like i used on my tree houses. This time I had to use Pillars to support the Floors with a combination of Blocks and Ramps instead of the old stairs.

When i was almost done completing a circuit i realized i could bring it back down to the ground and do a figure 8 like the old racing car track sets. It reminded me of a kids Roller-coaster so that’s what it ended up being named.

The hardest part was the “Randomly Falling Building Parts” or other building parts being the cause of it.

The first staircase is a Square shaped, same as what was used on the first tree house i built.

Here I’m beginning the second staircase, this time a Circular Staircase.

This is when i started the figure 8, i think i could add two more Staircases to it and have Four Leaf Clover Pattern

The following picture shows that you CANNOT place a Triangle Floor as shown, you need to place a Square Floor on the opposite side then place the Triangle Floor.

The floor is under the Ramp/Stairs

The following picture shows that you cannot place a pillar next to a Ramp/Stairs even if the placement of the pillar is at a corner of a foundation.

This is the only way to be allowed to place a pillar next to a Ramp/Stairs

So despite the random Pillar and Wall falling bug it was fun to use but definitely a huge improvement from the previous system, the Building Item Deletion System worked occasionally or took its time. but is HELL OF A LOT BETTER than 16,000+ whacks with a stone hatchet! as long as you had your cupboard in place it would work most of the time as long as the cupboard wasn’t de-authorizing you randomly.

Great job on the new system Garry and Co, once the bugs on it are sorted will be a great system to build with.

The new version has been expanded to a Quad ring size bit like a Four Leaf Clover. Its a lot of fun to run around and does simulate a Rollercoaster, silly but fun.

Very cool build and also very cool analysis of the build system.

Can the Pillars be bashed down at the bottom and bring the whole thing crashing down?

Not if you have the mighty cupboard protecting your house/build =)

Wait… are you saying that the cupboard prevents not only adding on building components, but also prevents others from chopping your structures down with a hatchet? I hope that’s not the case, or there really is no point playing anymore.

Got some new pictures in there, its been enlarged twice its size lol