Zen and the Art of Rust: Gryms Tree House, part III The Spiral Staircase

After seeing this picture on the community devblog and facepunch forum


I realized I haven’t done much work with triangles, and that i really liked the way the stair case spiraled around on the walls.

I wondered if this could happen without the walls which sadly its not possible unless you build a tower first then subtract the walls.

I wanted to see if i could wrap one around a tree, and if the design would look better than my previous attempts at tree houses.

This i set about doing but its really only for Advanced Builders, Its not recommended for Noobs, the impatient, Raiders, Newmans, new builders simply because you don’t have the balls, the patience or the determination to tackle such a large task.

It took me two days to complete, most of that was destroying window frames, and that was bloody boring!!.

Here’s the maths, there were 20 door frames/windows per ring, 19 rings top to bottom, that’s 380 windows/door frames, 44 hits per window/door frame to destroy it, that’s a total of 16,720 hits to destroy the entire tower, except about 40 windows for the House itself.

Here’s some pictures that briefly show the progress.

First lay a Foundation Ring around the tree

Build up

Dont build platforms, build the stair case

Done, now the hardest part

After building Tree House, start your way back and destroying the windows

I realized that i could have more than one ringed Tree House so i skipped two rings to have a brief look and see what it would look like.

I realised that i simply did not like the windows on the stairs so i replaced them with the railings to see what it would look like. Turned out great.

This is better than my previous Tree House Designs, the Spiral Stair case and the addition of Railings instead of Window Frames really helps bring out the design.

The Railings did not block the light like the Window Frames did, and helped show the lanterns lighting up the tree trunk really well.

The house itself was a perfect defensive structure providing a 360 degree view from Window Frames and to shoot from.

Would i do it again?, yes, only if the server was stable and i had minions.

Also this was made about a week ago before the latest update that changed the speed of building.

This is so awesome I’m going to make one too :smiley:

Post pics if you do, good luck.

Fantasic looking m8, well done.

Awesome work, glad I could inspire your already creative creativity! I certainly enjoy your use of the trees to base buildings off and was going to attempt something myself when I’m next inspired to build big…