Zen and the Art of Rust: Gryms Tree House

I built a tree house. :downs:

Probably took about 6-8hrs. Great views.

Very nice tree house. Would love to live in it for RP.

You’d get a bit of exercise walking the stairs everyday :slight_smile:

Nice work!

I’d love to hatch that tree :slight_smile:

I almost did :slight_smile: a branch was in the way of a window i was getting rid of, i was 500 wood in when i realized what i was doing.
Add me on steam and i tell you the server its on and we’ll go cut it down, just for fun and kicks :::slight_smile:

Nice treehouse! Next you should make some suspended bridges and create an ewok village with connected hovering houses built into the trees =)

Aye yeah i’d like to do that if i can find the right area and group of trees for it.

i miss those giant trees.

PS: yes, i know, i won a golden shovel.

I do too. Maybe they’ll bring them back…

How do u downgraded version of rust?

You cant, this was posted back in October 2014. It was necroed from the darkest depths of Cthulhu, the tentacles of the Greatest Dark One infected the mind of Guru80 influencing his mind to raise this post from the dead.