Zen and the Art of Rust: Tree House Village for Ruigi

Ruigi asked me to build him some stuff he could use on his public server, so because I’m slightly obsessed with tree houses i decided i’d make him some, this time i decided to make them without using ladders and for public use.

I originally started off with a square set up,

but decided to go with a circle set up,


due to the way the roof would over lap each other creating a nice rounded appearance. It was also much more stable and the stairs much more fluid when walking up.

Two Square Tree House Set Ups

No one could sneak up the stairs due the tree leaves covering the stairs, you would end up making hell of a racket just trying to get up to the top.

Ruigi had a server set up specifically for building on Craggy Island, he also had the Copy and Paste Oxide Plugin which is very handy when you want to create a Tree House Village very quickly.

He also had the Build Plugin which allows you to build nearly any object that is in Rust this includes trees, bushes etc. Though i could never get the Crystals to work unfortunately, But i could make taller trees by planting trees on top of each other, this was fun because i could finally have really tall trees to build around.

**Test Village **

**Night Time Village **

Full Album 50 pictures,


The Server will be up Monday night with NPC’s in the Tree House Village :slight_smile:

Here’s some info

“A quick update on the progress of the modded server:
Deathmatch automatically runs every hour! Trade tokens for BP frags!
Live event Monday night! We’ll run the Deathmatch back to back with different kit, possibly test the new Colosseum and more!
After the weekend, I’ll be adding in a Tree House village built by the legendary /u/GrymThor! You’ll fight through his Zen Disciples for a chance to challenge him as the server’s first “world boss”! These rare spawns won’t go down easy but carry high tier loot like BP books!”

Apparently i’ll be armed with a Hammer will say amusing Norse related battle cries and insults. :smiley:

as cool as this is, I can see it standing for about 5 minutes before a naked with a rock chops all the trees down.

They aren’t tied to the trees though, there are foundations there.

I think he was meaning a naked coming to take the tree down just to be a douche.
Then , of course, you have no more “tree” house

Not if the tree and the Treehouse is protected with the Building Protection Plugin, you can hit it as much as you like, neither will be destroyed.