Zen and the Art of Rust

Zen and the Art of Rust
The Rock God

The first time I played Rust I was hooked and for years I’ve been playing Real Time Strategy games and First Person Shooters yet never had I played a game that combined the two. It wasn’t NPCs gathering resources for me anymore like in RTS games, it was me. I was doing all the hard work, gathering wood, rock and food. The best part is building my own fortresses or homes. That was the part that hooked me the most. I once sat there for 20 hrs hardcore farming for resources just to build a nice little home for myself. There was a feeling of pride in the accomplishment. That was until I saw the work of others who’d built great things such as arenas over the water floating in the air, pyramids, Bizarre structures built solely to keep others out from raid attempts and most of all the Admin’s epic 50 story tower that he built on the server I frequented at the time. Then I saw the work of The Rock God, his pyramid impressed me and at the time my Admin wanted to build an arena for PvP so I came up with a Thunda Dome concept. It was to have a base of either 16x16 or 21x21 foundations.

When I saw the pyramid The Rock God had built I immediately left a question next to his screen shot on Steam asking him where he had built his pyramid.


I also saw some of his other stuff like the Diamond Tower as I call it,



I also tried to add him as a friend but he rejected me. (doh) When he saw I had asked a question about the location he added me back and apologized then we got talking.
I had just finished Project Light Swastika, as I amusingly called it. Set on top of a 14 level tower it had metal rooms with only three walls and an opening with campfires to make a huge swastika that lit up in the dark like a beacon. It looked great. I even tried lighting it up with flares, which is difficult because they only last a minute and thirty seconds.



I mentioned to The Rock God that I had just finished my project tower and had lit up the Swastika as an experiment to see what it’d look like. I sent him a screenshot link of the project; he liked it and said it turned out well.
I mentioned that by studying his pyramid pictures carefully and by observing the Background Mountains and hills I was able to find that exact spot he built at. But I was having problems getting the foundation angles right and made a lot of mistakes, the admin was having his own problems because he couldn’t figure out how to delete the mistakes or what he usually did to delete objects was no longer working.
Not being admin has its problems in Rust when you want to be creative about what you’re building and at your own time, if you can’t delete your mistakes and no admin is around to help then you’re up shit creek without paddles.
I sent The Rock God the link to my Thunda Dome Picture, he was pretty impressed with the design, and said i had put an awful lot of thought into it. So he invited me to his server where i could see the area that he had built on. At first we had spawned to his Diamond tower which was very impressive when you are there. The pictures don’t do it justice. It needs to be seen. Next we went to the pyramid and that was even more impressive, you only need to be on top of it or inside it to really get a good scope of the work done.
The great thing about the game Rust is the sense of realism, other building games cannot compare; not Minecraft, or Planet Explorers or even Landmark. No matter how big they build stuff in either of those games it does not compare to the feeling that you get when you are in Rust looking up at a 13 level pyramid or a very high Diamond Tower. The sense of realism in Rust kicks the asses of the other games mentioned.
The Rock God told me he was doing something similar to my Swastika Project. He wanted to light up one side his pyramid. His method was to put furnaces inside the pyramid behind the outside walls. So I helped him out, we placed the furnaces and filled them with wood. But as you can see in the next picture it really didn’t light up as well as he hoped,


I suggested we try my method and take away the outside walls. Since it was his foundation only he could do it.


Once that was done he began to light up the furnaces again. This time it was amazing, just being there and watching each room light up is something akin to seeing the Xmas tree lights turn on for the first time.


I must have sat there for about maybe half an hour while the Rock God painstaking lit up every furnace. All I could do was sit back and watch with anticipation.


It was fun to watch, I don’t think I lost the smile I had on my face the entire time I watched the pyramid slowly light up. I guess I’m easily amused.


Finally the last one was lit. About 3/4 through the lighting of the pyramid my PC had begun to lag, it was difficult to move normally as well as type. Eventually looking at the pyramid or being near it would result in terrible Frames per Second and horrible lag.


Then ironically just as the Rock God was about to stand back and enjoy the results of his labour, his computer, being a very sadistic instrument, decided at that point to crash and destroy his graphic card drivers leaving him in a lurch unable to see his Glowing Pyramid!!. He had to reinstall the drivers and it was half an hour before he could see it again.
I was fine my PC was lagging but it wasn’t affected like the Rock God unfortunately was.
So I stuck around and took a bunch of screenies. I found that being further away gave you a different perspective of the light shining as well as what it looked like during the day.


The further back you go the more the black lines begin to disappear.


It seemed brighter when I looked at it from an angle. It also looked much different in the day light. In the following picture it shows what happens when the sun is shining on the pyramid and makes it look like we had lit more than one side up.


Eventually the wood we had put in the furnaces began to run out and so furnace by furnace the lights began to go out. The Rock God was still sorting out his PC and missing out on the show. So we decided to call it a day.
I don’t think it was until the next day that we went back and relit all the furnaces just so The Rock God could see his work results. It was then we began to experiment with the lights. This part was fun and gave me an idea for another project.
I suggested that The Rock God only turn off every second furnace.


And so it begun, Furnace by furnace was turned off and slowly a pattern began to emerge.


The final results of a checkered light pyramid

At sundown,


At night,


I then had the bright idea of creating Tri-forces on the pyramid. So we came up with a couple of designs.
First was solid Tri-forces, But the amount of rooms placed for the base wasn’t the right amount to give us a perfect tri-force symbol.


So we tried a line version,


We couldn’t quite get it correct but it still looked cool anyways.
Lighting up the pyramid and creating light designs game me an idea. I suggested we build a large wall tower as high and wide as the pyramid base. Which is 23 rooms wide but 25 for the actual foundation base. We also decided to make it 30 rooms high not 23 so it would not be square.
Work began right away.


After a couple of levels had been built I decided we should test them out before work went any higher. Once we were satisfied work then could continue.


It was beginning to look quite cool so we carried on.


It was beginning to look quite epic especially its height. But finally it was done. Our 25 by 30 wall tower was finally finished.


I had been awake for over 15 hours working on these projects but I was elated to be finally finished.


You really have to be there to see it in person, to look up at it from the base and see how high it is unreal.
We then took a couple of days break before starting the next phase. I did some research and Googled 8 Bit characters. I wanted something that would work and stand out. I saw a picture of a Galaga spaceship and decided on that instantly. We used the following picture as a reference for our design.

When I got back to The Rock Gods Server, he showed me the new improvements on his Diamond Tower.


I guess he liked the idea of lighting up his creations. :slight_smile:


We finally got started on the next phase of our project. The Rock God had found a mod for the furnaces that let them stay lit without the need for wood. But only he could apply the mod to EACH furnace - one at a time. So I stayed in tower that was built across from the pyramid to keep an eye on the progress, to let him know when he made a mistake and which ones should be lit.


It took awhile, much longer than the pyramid light designs.


It was beginning to take shape.


As the above picture shows, the Galaga ship was almost done. We decided to leave the cockpit area lights off.
And finally it was done.

Day light


Night time


This is what it looks like when the render quality is turned right down. It looks terrible.


I think as a final improvement I would like to wall up the rooms not being used so that the light bleeding into other rooms not being used is not shown. I also like to make the Wall Tower higher and create an Alien ship as found in the Galaga game. The tower platform opposite as seen in the next picture makes it look like a spaceship ready to take off.


It looks good from a distance.


We haven’t done any work for a couple of days because other games have distracted us and/or we needed a break, lol. But I know I have more plans and more designs. I still have to build my Thunda Dome. I think we will end up building it above the pyramid.

Awesome work man! Love the diamond tower, pity there is no creations like this on PvP servers (for obvious reasons).

Cheers mate, With the Thunda Dome we want to make it into a PvP arena just for fun, That said it’d be good if Rust had a copy and paste option for buildings you make then we could share them for PvP servers.

wow awesome haha :smiley:

Lol they are when you see them in person.

Haha operation light swastika.


How did he build the diamond tower without pillars supporting each ceiling? Did he remove them with admin powers?

This is what friend build on a bussy PvP server. (18.500 LQM)


And I made this little outpost on the same server:


I believe there is a remove tool on some servers …


Yeah the Admin has a remove tool mod that can remove anything by using a modded shot gun. You could probably support a huge building using a single pillar to support it. I’m yet to test that though.

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Excellent work mate, Good to see the what others have made. Looks like your friend built his stuff at French Valley. I like your stuff too you like your spikes :slight_smile:

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Its a tool that can be downloaded from the net for Admins of servers.

No it’s Next Valley and the outpost is Hacker valley middle!

Thats right i keep getting the two mixed up. Hacker valley is a good place to build down south is a sink hole.