Zeno Posing

Hello. Well, I’m a new Gmod’er. Sorry for the Zeno Clash and TF2 map collision, was just trying out my posing abilities. Also, as I’m new I have a few questions (Under the pic)


  1. How to get better quality? I raised up my settings as much as I can and set the screenshot quality to 100, but it still seems a bit crappy.
  2. How to get that white fuck out of the sky? No idea why it’s there, no idea how to take it off.
  3. Face posing tips?
  4. How’s my overall posing :D?
    Thanks for checking out!

Bucket tool in MS paint could get rid of that.

But why are they there in the first place? They are only on the sky, I can position the camera so they would hide behind buildings and stuff, but couldn’t do it in this case.

Well that white square surely its interesting… No clue why you have it tho.

The posing is fine, you seem to have a nice grip on the fingerposing too. About the angle, looks a bit weird, if your idea was to show it in first person view(I think it was), you should show more arm, because just the hand there looks out of place.

I read this as “Zero Posing”

Confusion ensured

Hey look, it’s the sun from Minecraft.