Zerax' rain tutorial of doom!


I assume that you’re here today to learn how to make rain in Photoshop. And well, that’s what we’re gonna learn today.

Start out with an image that you think might fit.
I’ve chosen this one: http://img704.imageshack.us/img704/9490/gmflatgrass20080001.jpg (Courtesy of ChestyMcGee)

As you notice, the picture is way too sunny for rain to be fitting. Here’s how you fix it:
First, add some color balance (Image>adjustments>color balance). You may wanna play around with this, but i reccommend adding some red, blue and magenta.
But wait, you say! This is still very unrealistic! That’s where a gradient map comes in. Create a new transparent layer, fill with 50% gray and change layer blending mode to ‘overlay’
Then, add a gradient map (Image>adjustments>Gradient map). Make it dark blue>light blue. You may also wanna play around a little with this.

Now, to the rain part create a black or white layer. Add noise (gaussian, monochromatic, ammount 400). Change the
layer blending mode to ‘screen’. It looks quite bad. So add some motion blur. I want my drops to be long, so I use a fair ammount of motion blur.
Apply the motion blur. Now, at the top and the bottom, you have these ugly edges, you’ll want to make those dissapear. So, press CTRL+T on the rain layer, and drag them outside the image.
Now the rain still look pretty bad, there’s too much. So, we’re gonna change that! Go to Image>Adjustments>levels and drag the black slider untill you think that it fits. The rain looks very sharp at the moment, so we’re gonna apply some gaussian blur to the rain layer.
Not much, just a little bit. If you’ve done it right, you should be done by now! You might wanna add some layer masks, and remove certain parts, if you find them unfitting, and you may wanna duplicate the layer so it becomes more intense. You may also duplicate it and make it smaller/bigger to create more depth.

That’s about it, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the thread or PM me.


This thread is full of win.

Nevermind im dumb.
Awesome tutorial.

*You can also dodge/burn with the “50% gray, overlay” technic. So you can easily undo/repair/deler

And “fill” in ps is shift+F5 just for lazyness.

Nice, I really needed this. Any chance of a water splash tutorial :smile:?

Chesty is on it

I think most people know this technique but its good for beginners.

Yeah, it was intended for the people who need to learn how to do rain.

fuckface you stole it from me

Yeah, but I thought you would show us some new awesome technique you figured out on your own and not something you can find on google when you search for “Photoshop rain tutorial”.
I had high expectations :frowning:



Most tutorials just show motion blurring grain. This adds a little to the excitement :v:

Nice. I will probably just add this in as a quote in my thread, instead of writing out my technique for rain which is pretty much the same anyway.

lol, okay :v:

Great tutorial, i’ve been wanting to learn about this.

Amazing tutorial.


I think you have motion blurred it too much.

Thanks for all the comments, guys.

Amazing tutorial. I tried it using the normal blur tool and got a pretty nice snow effect.

That works pretty well.