Zergling from Starcraft

I have not been playing GMOD of lately because I figured out how awesome Starcraft is in multiplayer with your buddies.
It would be really cool if someone bothered themselfes to make an ZERGLING
(Ragdoll one,if possible)

could be basically that with bigger size and quality

Or again it just could be that,aslong as we have a ZERGLING it will be fine.

This is the model he wants:

Something along the lines of that.I just want a zergling to play around with.

Why just the zergling alone? Why not the other Zerg units? Or protess and Terran?
And also… Would be epic if there was a upload that had Zerg + protess + Terran bases + units props/ragdolls

Because the zergling is the best.

I second this. I want moar Starcraft stuff to pose xD I made a marine riding a hydralisk for fun, maybe get a few more and have a marine, zealot and infested terran playing poker or something xD