Zerker PVP Rust Events [Wiped 2/1] [Coliseum/PVP/.1Craft/Share/AirDrops w/10+Logged in!]

I would like to Welcome our peers in the survival game of Rust!

Our Server: Zerker PVP Rust Events [Wiped 2/1] [Coliseum/PVP/.1Craft/Share/AirDrops when 10+Logged in!]    (to find our server press F1 in game and type: net.connect

-We have Active and helpful Admins!

-C4 is hard to come by!!

-Door Codes are activated!

-Weekly Admin events (Schedule to come of events)

-Starter Kits  (Type /help in game to see your available kits!)

-Fast Craft (Currently at 1/10 Craft to keep the action rolling!!)

-Noob Friendly (Everybody Welcome!)

-Sleepers (Log out some where safe!)  Sleeper times are 120 minutes!

-PvP  (We like to PvP and we hope you do too!  No griefing on this server!

No griefing players or player bases.
Raiding is of course permitted, but be fore warned, if you raid expect others to raid you! No Whining ;)  (If you have questions or concerns please /pm <name> an admin :D)
Hackers banned on sight!

Sample some of our adventures!! http://www.twitch.tv/lespaul264/c/3632637

This server is supported by EBOTDZerker! Follow him on Twitch.tv/Lespaul264!

The Coliseum!

This is a cool server. I just joined, and a new player I came across already gave me a bow and arrow. Nice to see people not being complete dicks. They can be a bunch of shitbags on other servers. Shitbags.

Love this server, Sogah87 is the main owner; and we have worked to create a dynamic, community-rich environment. I support the server through donations from my fast-growing Twitch channel, and we have worked to construct professional designs for scheduled PVP events. (Coliseum, Team Deathmatch, etc.) We can make this an amazingly fun and unique server with your help! Any questions, email me at lespaul264264@yahoo.com, or talk to me on Twitch at Twitch.tv/Lespaul264

I like turtles.

Also i like this server.

i have a house on here and i like it.