"Zero contacts"

“It isn’t here sir.”


C&C? Also don’t just rate dumb if you don’t like it. Give C&C. Thanks.

interesting camera angle, but the posing is a bit stiff and the upper half of the image is, again, empty

What map is that?

Its way too empty.
Camera angle is weird.
I have no clue whats going on.

That good enough?

Agreed. And like FT asked, what map is that?

What I was going for was soldiers entering an abandoned chapel (explaining the emptiness) and an alien from Crysis that they are looking for is watching them about to ambush them.
I’ll tell you guys what map it is when I get back to my computer.

The map is called BasilicaMagna and it’s in the toybox

mmm i would like that alien was a ALIEN (xenomorph) i think it will be better in that context than a ceph from crysis