|20P AD's|Friendly|East

Server Name:|Friendly|East

Connecting, to connect simply press F1 when you are in the menu and type net.connect

Server Settings: Everything is default except it has “20 Player Air Drops”

The “Rules”: This server is a “friendly” server meaning try to give the naked/clothed man a chance. Obviously there is no way to know if the naked guy has a M4 on his hot bar so give them a chance at gun point :). Now you may be curious how PvP/Raiding will work well simple I don’t expect anyone to give people a chance in hot zones: Rad Zones, Air Drops. Say you stumble across a man gather wood or stone and he “looks new” give him a chance. Now for raiding feel free to raid people houses try not to hit the same person everyday its a fair sized map explore it. Also when raiding dont throw doors up in a house or destroy beds, boxes, and so on. You can kill a sleeper in raids just kill the guy take what you need and leave.

Events and prizes: As the days go buy there will be simple draws for a chance to win things.

That’s a terrible name for a server.

changed it is that better?

No, the fact that it’s called Zero-FPS. That either means you have a framerate of zero (which is bad), or you have zero first person shooters.

Or that its just an ironic community name?