Zero Gravity and why you are screwed

Still getting used to editing. I wasn’t sure about the blood


The floating guy is a little weird.

The guy in the way back floating could be better.

I think the guy in the back is posed quite well.

Remember kids, when you die your body goes through rigor mortis so your limbs won’t necessarily be lose and flying everywhere. :science:

Oh god failed FEV experiment.
Vault 87 memories flooding back.
the horror

Like the others said, the man in the back looks odd.

The monster looks out of place, almost like it was shopped in…

Oh shit!

Nice posing.

It wasn’t shopped in at all. I guess it was the flashlight+the filmgrain filter that screwed it up

Blood is kinda bright


It’s actually the model itself, and I don’t blame him. Whoever ported the model sucks, because it’s got fullbright all the damn time, and it looks even brighter in a darker map(and he’s probably using zm_spacestation or something)

I for one, like this pose. 8/10

I lol’d to that but I don’t know why.

But yeah, blood is a bit too bright and floating guy in back is weird.