I want to create a room, like on gooniverse or in the game ‘Dead Space’ with Zero-Gravity, but i have no idea how to make this (physical objects and ragdolls flying threw the room but not the player and combines) i tried it with trigger_gravity but it didn’t work :frowning:
It would be fine to enable/disable this gravity with a func_button.
can anyone tell me how to do this?
thanks for your answers :smiley:

Make a brush, texture with trigger texture and assign it as trigger_gravity and fill in the value you like. 600 is standard.

Keep in mind this can get buggy, never got actually zero gravity, so put it to 0.001 or something.

800 is standard actually.

True, (Copy paste from VDC)

Ah we were both right then, I suppose.

Trigger gravity applies to the whole map just a heads up. try:

trigger_gravity works for the player not for physical objects and its on the whole map or i dont understand how this flags works. . .
now i testing trigger_vphyiscs_motion…

You might possible be able to do it with a trigger_push (if it affects the player, I’m not quite sure)

You could use a trigger_push in the sense that you create the brush, tie to a trigger_push but instead of having it cover your whole room/area you could have it placed above the floor with say, 900 force, because it has to be higher that gravity or something I think, then that would push you up, then on the way down your character will build up enough velocity to fall through the trigger_push, slowing you down as you reach the floor, some smart mapper come and correct me please.

Pretty hacky solution. The value of force would have to be tuned very carefully so that you didn’t accelerate in any direction, it was just enough to counter gravity.
trigger_push can affect various things depending on it’s flags.

Ah, so that’s really not the best way of doing it, it’d work, but you don’t really want some half assed solution, continue with your thread good sir.

OMG TY muuch @ all, trigger_vphyiscs_motion works fine, but i hope i can enable that the player flying threw the room. . .

Metallics done all the work, as always, god you’re good.

i´m only happy about so fast answers :smiley:

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Not really, I’ve just been here too long.

Hello everybody. I’ve just ran into the same problem. I’m working on a big zero gravity space map with a large space station that has artificial gravity in it.
All possibilities to create zero gravity seem to have their problems. Trigger_gravity does only affect the player, the flags don’t work. Trigger_vphysics_motion works great for physics objects, but has this one very strange problem that it will kinda move the player up and down, drop you on the gorund, then lift you up etc. Seems to be a bug.
So how I solved this is, I made two trigger brushes the size of the whole map, one trigger_gravity, to affect only the player, one trigger_vphysics_motion to affect everything else. The final problem I can’t seem to solve by myself is, that in Gmod, thrusters will still kinda obey to gravity and drag down every spaceship I try to make. How could I solve this?

Well, that’s how I mostly picked up what I know, lurking.

so you need to combine them. use vphysics for props and so on, and trigger_gravity for players.
just set the flags so they don’t affect the other’s stuff.
should work, I’ve actually been working with the same stuff for the past few days. so if that works, let me know.

Edit: oops, didn’t see you’d already tried that, good show. as I said, that’s what I was considering doing.

It does work, despite for thrusters in Gmod, making the map pretty much useless for space construction. I’m running and compiling it on the EP2 config now, maybe that could help?

edit: doesn’t work. thrusters still sinking down.

Damn, there has to be a fix, I’ve seen it working in several maps.