Zero Hour Part 3

Part 1: has links to other parts)

Developer commentary
-Fuck posing antlions. That is all.

Intensity of this part made me jizz. Have a freaking Winner.

Felt like it took years to finish reading, but it was definitely worth it.

Took some time getting here, but this installment was pretty awesome.

felt like this was going on forever , what i hoped it was , great job. even though i remember part 1 & 2 rereading those pieces was great

That was really good!

Great job man, finally part 3. You are amazing at entertaining.

Thanks everyone, I was afraid this part didn’t really flow as well or wasn’t as intense as the first opening part. But in the end I think it came through.

Haha thanks, the fact that you remember part 1 is good and counts for something, I guess I made some sort of lasting impression with the first part.

I remember this comic quite vividly. Great to see it continuing on! Reminds me of the better days of comic making which in turn has inspired me yet again to push forth with my own.

Great read!


awww man… now I got atached to the characters. :frowning:

wow, amazing!

Superbly made, have a winner. :slight_smile:

Goddamn action movie right there! love!

This is awesome. I hope part 4 is coming soon.

Glad to see you didn’t drop Zero hour, great issue can’t wait for the next one!

Thanks again everyone :]

Haha me too

Outstanding job!


Predator time!

Holy shit, that was amazing.