Zero Hour promo

So I was doing some photoshop practice and got some neat shots that conveniently turned into promo-like pics for my comic, zero hour. Enjoy! :smiley:

Remember to right-click, view image.

Part 1 if anyone’s interested:

The first pic made me think of Bad companies theme song

I really like the second one a lot… I hate the others but the second one has something I find really special, dunno what tho (…) oO

The words on the pictures I heard them before. can’t remember now.
Awsome pics I like the 3rd one.

wait arnt they from the last boss of half life 1?

Interesting, to say atleast.

Great posing from what I can see. I really like all of them.

Maybe cause there’s no outline effect? It was by accident, I forgot to add it in.

Really diggin that second pic.

All of 'em are quotes from the Nihilanth

It was pretty close.

What was pretty close?

Yuijin’s guess.

Oh right lol, yea I didn’t want to include quotes that were too hard to guess.

I thought this died. Good to see you’re still working on it.


yea…I get that a lot, I work on Valve time.