Zero Point Module

This is a zero point module from the television series Stargate.
It is pretty much a small battery with a lot of capacity.
Currently has 1 billion energy but is planned on being lessened.


Fix - thanks to Ice D Angel

Great. What’s the point of it?


The point is it is a source of power.

If anyone knows the code to determine if an entity is linked it would be greatly appreciated.

You are a champion. Now if I can just work how to have this spawned in a map…

Very useful. Almost exactly like the ones from Stargate Atlantis. Containing huge ammounts of power, but it doesn’t refill. It could be abused, but wouldn’t it be funny to see some retard use all it’s energy and suffocate in space? And it can be used in emergencys when conquering planets. Like if a base is reaching critical levels of supplies, just air drop a ZPM. I even made a special Reactor Container for it, with a screen showing the % left, and two cutoff valves for some random reason. Probably because having to switch 2 will buy that extra few seconds to kill the intruder.

Now all someone needs to do is make a weapon like the one from Project Arcturus or a Time Dilation Device that can actually deplete a ZPM quickly. Oh the evilness… So many possibilities.


It seems quite cool, except for 1 problem i’m having…

I can’t spawn it at all. lol.
When i do spawn it, it is just a zpm coloured ERROR sign. I must be doing something wrong, but i can’t for the life of me figure out what. hehe

Any suggestions?

1° Delete ZPM in your addon folder
2° Download only the fix
3° Exctract it in your addon folder
4° Enjoy

(I have ever had this problem)

I did exactly what you said, but i still get the error… (see below)
As you can see it isn’t the normal pink error sign you get, so something is acting strange.
Do you think it’s conflicting with another addon or something?

I already postet it in the Stargate topic but:

That’s the theoretical energy usage of the atlantis shield in “The Storm”.

If you somehow manage to calculate the usage when atlantis was submerged (the total energy usage while submerged for 10000 years) and divide it by three (atlantis was able to be submerged for 10000 years with 3 ZPMs), you should get a good idea how much energy a ZPM stores. Don’t ask me how to calculate that, I have no idea.

Do you mind adding this to the stargate pack? Contact me if you want.

Sorry, I have got a plug that autocopy all model in my model folder.
So now the fix is good !

Extract in : Steam/SteamApps/nameofyouraccount/garrysmod/garrysmod

If it doesn’t work send me mp.

Avon, I expect that he will let you do, I love your job !

And I love this community being so “stargateifyed”. Really guys, I love your work too.
And jdm12989: You will get full access to the SVN repository of the stargate pack when you are OK with adding this to it.

Hey Ice D Angel, cheers for that. It works now :).

I left a few stargates open while i went up the store to do some shopping, came back and i barely dented the energy left. :)!

Nice work on this ZPM!

i have been watching the ZPM addon for some time and would like to know if this virsion is capable of being used online for i could only spawn the ZPM in SP before?

You can only spawn it in a multi player server if the server has the ZPM installed.

i noticed that the zpm that you created, still can be refilled with energy after some has been consumed, and i wanted to ask if it is possible that you fix that?

Yes I know, the only way to be able to stop that, to my knowledge, is to make the zpm have a different form of energy and make a converter.

Hows about coding the ZPM to reset its energy to whatever it is mean to be whenever some of it is recharged?


the energy gets depleted to 99.997% but gets recharged to 99.998%

the code notices that it went upwards (which a ZPM isn’t allowed to do), and again sets it to 99.997%


the code has a variable (energy%). When it gets depleted from, say, 99.999% to 99.997%, there is a 0.002% decrease. Wouldn’t it be possible to code the ZPM to allow to energy variable to only be decreased?

I don’t know how LUA or the resource distribution mod works, but feel free to tell me :smiley:

Yes, actually that should work. But I’m coding the converter which should fix it anyways.