Zero suite samus in bare feet

Hey all, Im new to face punch and Iv been looking round the site and found this request part so I thought Id try my luck, If I could ask one of you talented modelers to simply make an alteration to the zero suite samus model so she is in her bare feet Id be very grateful, I know its a wired kinda request to ask of you guys and Im sorry if I freak a few of you out with this ^^; I would try to do it my self, but Iv only recently acquired Gmod and steam so all this is new to me lol but Im more of an illustrator than a modler ^^ all so sorry for bad spelling >< dyslexia is a bitch ><.

heres a link for reference if any ones up to it

and one to the model

Don’t sign your posts with your name, it’s stupid and annoying. Also, use spell check. Please.

Sorry to be harsh on you, but the guys here will devour you alive if you don’t clean up your act.

Also, you generally should add a picture for reference to your request, even when everybody already knows what it is.

ok I’ll keep that in mind then.

I made one some time ago (Copied the feet from another model I got for free). But it has a tiny disadvantage. It hasn´t textures.^^

That’s actually not bad at all. Just slap the skin textures on the body and I think it’d be good to go onto the next phase (if anybody’s willing to do so, that is).

I’m actually surprised this hasn’t been done before already. Just seems odd to wear sneakers in a bathing suit. XD

Bumping, since I’d honestly like to see if this gets made.

I’m done with the UV-Maps (although they are a bit messy^^) and making the textures now. Sadly I’ll be on holiday for too weeks from today (I don’t even want to go on holidays -.-). When I’m done I will upload it and one of you can maybe improve the textures if you want to make it look more realistic.^^

That sounds like a great plan! I hope you enjoy the holidays, even if you don’t wanna go. XD

(I’d be more than happy to test her out for you whenever you’re finished with her. ^_^)

Quicky bump.

So sorry about these. It makes the thread look uninteresting. ^^;

Well, I’d certainly like to check this untextured model out. I’ve been meaning to get some practice texturing a character…if it’s possible can you send it to me?

Okay.^^(Just came back home) Are you using Cinema 4D?

No, I use Maya…if the model is available in OBJ or FBX, I can use it. I hope it exported something useful.^^ But it looked OK in C4D. I think I/you have to optimize the UV-Maps and maybe make the feet a bit less detailed because the UV-Maps are slightly messy at the moment.

I hope this actually is finished, and not cast aside like many “in progress” models on Facepunch.

Fixed some things in the mesh. Textures are half finished. But unfortunately I don’t have Gmod so I can’t test it and I would first have to study some tutorials or someone else has to make the ragdoll… -.-

Great news on the progress!
I’d be more than happy to test it in GMod myself, but I certainly have no clue how to rig models. ><

re-bump, in hopes we get to see this model be rigged in the future. >:

EDIT: Finally got 3Ds Max installed onto this thing, so maybe now I can try to help in this thing.

EDIT 2: Okay, now I KNOW something’s wrong here. I keep getting this whenever I load the file.

Did I do something wrong? o_O

That’s because I haven’t uploaded the texture :D. Ryu-Gi wanted to texture it himself and that’s why I removed it. I can upload a new one if you want.^^

If you could, that’d be great. =)

OK. Here it is:
Ryu-Gi: I would also recommend you to use this file. It has better UV-Maps (still not great) and some minor fixes.