ZeroRP - More than another Roleplay gamemode

If you frequent the gamemodes section, theres no doubt your aware of the many, MANY Roleplay gamemodes. DarkRP. PERP. HL2RP. And all the countless remakes. Before we get started, let me say -
This is different.
Now, yes, this IS an RP gamemode. No, it hasn’t been released yet. However, what I’m asking for here is ideas, suggestions and support. If everyone on Facepunch thinks this is a bad idea, then I may as well not do it… But lets get started, anyways.

ZeroRP is different in that it combines GMOD Roleplay, Garrys Mod building, and survival. Some of the key differences are -

*Guns aren’t just things that pop out from a menu. You gotta make’ em yourself. In fact, that goes for pretty much everything.
*Unlike most RPs, you aren’t paid an automatic “salary” when you get a job. In fact, there isn’t even a job system - You simply start out as a citizen. More on that later.
*Did you like the good 'ol RPs of GMOD 9, without too many restrictions and more room for building? You’ll like this, then.
*Instead of having a job or faction menu, you start out as a citizen and you can simply do what you choose. There is a “Alliance” bar that each player has. It has 3 notches - Lawful, Neutral, Villainous. You’ll get closer to Lawful status if you take up “good” jobs (such as a cop or a doctor) and do “good” things (like arresting/killing people that have a high Villainous status). Neutral is for people like citizens and shopkeepers - they can’t really be considered good or bad. Villainous is, obviously, for the people like drug dealers, gangsters, and hitmen.
*No physgun! (More on that later)

Now, for a more in-depth overview of the features. (Slight wordwall incoming.)

  1. “Faint” system. RDM is a troublesome affair in RP. However, it takes a bit of effort to actually “die” in ZeroRP. See, if you are given a non-fatal major blow (such as a stunstick at low health, hit with a melee weapon, or shot once in the leg), you’ll “faint”. Once you faint, you are turned into a ragdoll for 1 minute. During this timespan, you can be dragged around, thieves can “pickpocket” you with ease (Basically, steal one item or $50 from your inventory), or be instantly revived by a doctor. If you wake up, your health will be the same as it was when you were given the blow, as long as you didn’t suffer damage during your faint. However, fatal major blows (shot in the head, lethal weapons like knives, and large falls) will simply kill you. Theres a 30 second respawn wait, in which you are notified that you forgot all minor details of your life (like who killed you, where you were when you were killed).

  2. Different SWEPS. Rather than automatically be given things, you need to use your 3 major tools to build them (more on that later) - Harvest, Craft, and Trade. Harvest allows you to get things from nature (for example, if you had a pickaxe in your inventory, you could get stone, or if you didn’t have anything, you could pull up seeds and plant them), Craft allows you to create items and structures within a 4x4 crafting square (furniture, sheets of metal, tools) out of materials. You can also take items and use them with other items (such as Nails and a plank of Wood) to make building materials. For example, using a Welder with a Sheet Of Metal would stick it to any surface. Using Nails and Hammer with anything wooden would stick it to the ground/wall/ceiling. Trade is obvious - it lets you enter a trading screen, where you can trade your items and cash. You also “unlock” SWEPS if you do certain things - for example, if you get trained in a medical school, and your Alliance is Lawful, you can get a Medkit and Defibrillator (for bringing people from faint status). Having a low Alliance would allow you to have the Pickpocket SWEP.

  3. “Craft” system. Rather than being able to spawn any weapon or thing you want, or just magically getting money, you have to do all that from scratch. If I needed to compare it to something, Minecraft would be a GREAT example. If you start off in a server where people have already made businesses and things, you could become an employee and get paid a salary by your boss. Or, if your starting from scratch, you start with $100, as well as everyone else on the server. You can use the “Harvest” tool on the ground to get seeds, plant them, and then trade them for money or simply sell them automatically (Corn is worth $10, Beans are worth $5, Flowers are worth $2, although there are many more plants). You sell them automatically by using the F4 menu, selecting an item in your inventory, and hitting the “Sell” option to automatically get money for it. However, you can often find better deals with players. You can also use your “Craft” tool to make things - Planks of wood harvested from trees could be turned into building materials, tools, or weapons. (Respectively, Board, Pickaxe/Shovel/Axe, and Nailed Plank.)

  4. Building system. Using materials you’ve crafted (like Wires, Cables, Ropes, Boards, Metal, etc.) with tools (Hammer, Welder, Nails, Drill), you can actually build, like in garrys mod. Think of it this way - A Hammer “welds” wooden things. A welder welds wooden things. Nails allows wood to be welded, Drill allows spots for nails.

I’ll add onto this post later, once I’ve gotten a few ideas. I’d appreciate feedback and suggestions.

So let me get this straight. It’s PERP with Stranded… Not to sound offensive dude, but thats a recipe for disaster. You’ll just have a bunch of guys group together, and make a bunch of guns, and take over the server.

If you think it that way, go ahead. I won’t stop you. However, remember that you have to craft everything, and the cops may be a bit suspicious if they see a bunch of guys bringing metal, lead, and other things to one place… Plus, I don’t think many servers would allow taking over of the server. I could also make it so that you lose anything you had on hand and half of your money when you died…

Sounds like something that will never be done since you’re just the ideas guy.

Thats just as conclusive as the concept I made regarding ‘Prop Rations’ it would be a massive downfall cause all people would have to do is wait it out for a little bit, and then they would have enough props/materials to form a military which could easily compete with the admin teams if their left without full on admin powers.