Zerosuit Samus nude NPC model

I am requesting help with making a nude Samus version of the existing NPC and Alyx replacement model. No, it does not exist on or anywhere eles.
Note: Does Facepunch need a database programmer? I think so, still cannot do any thread or forum searches, so don’t say, “Oh did you search the threads for this topic?”

Well, You’re like the 205th person to ask for this sort of thing, but I believe there’s a brawl texture hack of this sort somewhere, but it hasn’t been converted for gmod, so if you can find that texture hack and apply it to the already existing Zsuit Alyx replacement on, then you should be set. If you don’t know how to do that, good luck finding someone who does and is willing to help.

Thanks for the reply Aredbomb, I figured this may have been covered once or twice. I will look into the texture replacement aspect, if I can find the SSB texture. If not, then it will wait until I can afford the proper software to handle it, then I shall indevor to greatness and work it myself.