ZertClanServer- Oxide Modded-DoorShare-1/3Craft-Quests-Events-FairAdmin-Many FUN.

Welcome to Zert Clan Server, we are happy to introduce our new Server that is fresh started on 1/16/2014.

How to join
Server name: ZertClan-PVP-DoorSharing-Halfcraft-Fun-Oxide

Press F1 and type in:



We are running the server with Oxide mod that can use plugins and with more interesting plugins coming out.

Server info

PVP is on.

Sleeper is off.

We also having the Economy system that can let you earn money when you kill zombies and use them to buy resources or trade with players!

Airdrop will come once a day randomly!

Starter kits, we will help you with some food when you first start on the server.

Explosive and F1 Grenade cannot be craft or research, no more raiders trolling with you!


Our admins are just the normal player with limited power and will not use them for abuse!
We are here to help the player with issue and limit the hackers.

  1. NO hackers allowed. - Will get permanent ban and reported.
  2. NO scamming - Will be warn and ban permanently.
  3. NO Stealing houses - Why would you do that to people?!?!
  4. No Racism - That not acceptable.
  5. Last rules! Survive and have fun!

There are many more awesome features!

**Commands for the server
Type /help to show all the commands

Feel free to join us, we are a fun and fair community.

Thank you


Updated more quest, and selling system!

Good server, nice community so far, I give it a thumbs up.

Kill Zombies to get reward guys! Pay your money that earn from Zombies to trade stuff guys! Welcome!


Server is getting more players so far were 30 people! I love it, Feel free to join us and have fun! We also doing events now!

We are adding more features, and active admins! COme check out!