Zeus Photon Torpedo Hovertank (dupe available)

The Zeus Photon Torpedo Hovertank battling a carrier spaceship and its fighters. Yes, I suck at posing :frowning:



W,A,S,D: Drives the tank around.
Space: Fires the jump-boost rockets.
Mouse1: Fires unguided photon torpedoes.
Mouse2: Fires guided photon torpedoes towards your locked target.
Alt: Changes hovermode.
The turret is controlled by your mouse.

Server Requirements
This hovertank has very few requirements and should work on almost any server!
[li]E2[/li][li]Portal Props[/li][/ul]

Advanced Dupe
Download this
and save this to your advanced duplicator folder:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<username>\garrysmod\garrysmod\data\adv_duplicator

ps. yes this uses applyforce and e2 like a mad trapper hacker.

At first, when I looked at the pictures, I thought it was just a mish-mash of effects and that it was just a tank with a turret on it.

Thank god I was wrong. This is awesome, excellent work.

Does this use Gcombat? Or is that all holograms and e2?

Ya, I kinda went overboard with the effects.

It doesn’t use any combat system. For the photon torpedoes it uses propspawners to create phx explosive missiles, and then uses e2 holograms to change them to photon torpedoes and apply force them.

Fantastic work! Very cool indeed, those portal props really make for some good contraptions if you’ve got the mind for it. I see that you’re not lacking in that!

The wire systems behind it look good, but it looks awful and those effects just put the nail in the coffin for me.

Great use of portal props though

so this is the tank all the minges have been using and i have had to remove all the time

it is nice though

Really nice wire, but IMO very ugly.

You guys are right, I did a pretty bad job at the photon torpedo aesthetics and I should put more time into them.

Thanks for the feedback on the tank design, anything in particular you think I can improve on in the future? Such as the turret being poor proportion?

Sorry to hear some players were minging with it :frowning: If it starts to become a serious problem I will change the dupe to not include the weaponry.

That’s a mouthful…
I like it; looks fine, don’t know what they^ are talking about.
Portal props are new peoples’ best bets at building neat things. Not saying you’re a new person though, I can’t do that e2 stuff lol :C

also: that song scares me.

actually it was fun admingeing them, so it was a win win
ulx cexec minge unbindall
ulx cexec minge bind w kill

I think it’s pretty cool. It isn’t ugly as the others said, However it doesn’t really fit into a grass map. Would be cool on some kind of dark futuristic map or something. I for one also liked the missiles.

Don’t use portal, move to vanilla and it’ll be good

It looks fuckin badass IMO.

Thanks for the comments, both the good and bad.

Here is another crappy pose with an upgraded turret. Thanks to N3XuS Elite for preparing part of the pose.


Now that i look, its not that bad at all. Maybe you could try using the material tool and colour tool on in?