Zeus, The God of Olympus!

Hello. Recently, a very astonishing model has caught my eye. This would happen to be Zeus from God of War 3. Now I am aware that God of War 3 is strictly a ps3 game. But before the instant post about how it cant be done, it can. Take for example Mortal Kombat 9. Thats not a pc game. But there are models being ported from it. So thats it. Cant hurt to try and request this. Thanks

I, unfortunately, am 0% knowledgeable about the whole scheme of ripping and fine-tuning models. However, the least I can do is support your request to the fullest extent.

The ports from MK9 are from the XBox 360 version.

Ripping from the PS3 is possible, it’s just incredibly difficult to do due to how well encoded PS3 games are. It’s probably very closely related to the use of BluRay discs.
To my knowledge, everything from PS3 games we have so far has been found on other forums, or from their 360 counterparts.

Well at least thanks for providing me with some hope. But I guess my dreams of posing Zeus crushing somebody’s head in, like a hammer with a watermelon, will never be achieved. Oh cruel world.

One day it’ll be easy, one day…

maybe someone might be able to modify a saruman model, they have a pretty similar strocture, just different clothing

Yeah thats true. But thats part of the hole reason I want Zeus instead of Saruman. He looks sick with that full on gauntlet and pauldron. He looks like a dude you wouldn’t want to get into a bar fight with considering he’d probably fry ya like a piece of bacon. And like KINGSman said. One day it will be achievable.

When I think of Zeus in a videogame I think of Will Rock.

Yeah but the Zeus in that game doesnt even look like Zeus. Zeus is portrayed with a white beard and white clothing.