ZF Servers

ZF Servers

Welcome to our community thread!
ZF Servers is a new started GMod community.
Currently, we own and develope three different servers.

A 32 slot TTT Only.
A 22 slot Cider.
A 12 slot BuildRP.

In this thread, I’ll only speak about our Cider server, as the others aren’t 100% completed yet.

Our Cider server is a remade version of Cider.
Not only jobs, but much of the core is rewritten.

We got vehicles.
Weather system (day/night, and random rains).
Sleep - You will have to sleep before your “tired” bar reaches full, otherwise you’ll faint.
Many realistic food items, such as pizza, hamburger, coke, redbull, and many others.
Expensive weapon prices, to avoid too many kills.

We’re always making new things to improve our servers.

Since we’re new, we don’t yet got many players.
Although, usually we got 15+ players online.

We also have different events to make sure people find our RP server fun.
Such as drop event, we throw food, sometimes vehicles, small amounts of cash, and other things, from the roof, then everyone tries to take it.

Prop Hunt, hiding a prop and people is trying to find it, when they do, they get a reward.


Well, check it out!


I probably forgot stuff, I might edit this.