ZFRoleplay - Semi-Serious Cider - with Vehicles!

ZF Semi-Serious Roleplay

Map : rp_evocity_v2d
Slots : 22
IP :
Gamemode : Cider
Homepage : www.zfroleplay.co.nr

**We got working vehicles. Currently ** :
White Golf
Blue Golf
Green Golf
Blue Corvette
Silver Corvette
Yellow Corvette
Patrol Jeep for Police Units

Much realistic food, such as :
Orange, Pizza Slice, Milk, Redbull(energy), Cola(energy), hamburgers.

Weapons are expensive, not easy to obtain.

We got a relaxed community. When you join, you will most of the time come back.
It’s like one big family!

Our admins is well experienced and ready to help you in any situation.

Join and have a look!

Or you could read our forum, www.zfroleplay.co.nr!

We hope to meet you on the server!
Zeroi with the Admin team.

Note :
To get the server economy going, we’re often having small drop events.
We drop money, sometimes cheap vehicles such as a Trabbi, or Yugo.

Also, when we got over 15 players, we hide a prop somewhere on the map,
and the one who finds it will receive a good reward.

I’ll take a look.

Sounds good. Will try it out

Lovely to hear! :slight_smile:

Nice ideas, especially the drop idea

22 slots is not that much for evocity.

It’s fine if you dont want a deathmatch.

Just saying Rp_downtown_v2 would be better for 22 slots, or townsend?

No. anything about 22 would be good for poor performance considering its sandbox with extras

That dosen’t even make any sence?

You do not make sense.

Empty excuses… you keep getting off topic, please stay on topic.
Enough with these comments.

Not with vehicles. Because cars cant drive in rp_downtown_v2


And, it’s a very funny RP. I play this server alot :slight_smile:
But right now there isnt about 16 online yet.
But there is getting more and more players on the server.

I replyed to a other post :S
I fail. This post was ment to reply to that with 22 slot…

Ryan, you’re dumb.

you didn’t need to tell us

I lol’d hard



Please stay on topic!