[zH] Resident Evil RP

ZackHost’s latest roleplay endevour, Resident Evil roleplay is set in London, 2013.

Deviating from the original videogame stories the plot thickens into which a Raccoon City-esque outbreak leaves an epidemic-stricken Britain to fend for themselves in the growing terror that is the apocalypse.

Players are placed in Greater London after a rekindled metropolis falls for a second time. Your basic instinct tells you to survive in this zed-zone filled with horrors, shocks and the sickening truth of Umbrella’s experiments running deep.

It comes as no surprise that even when bankrupt, Umbrella keeps it’s malicious hold on one specific facility placed beneath the streets of London. It is this facility, those streets and that final front that makes for the last standing community that is the survivor playerbase.

For Resident Evil fans and new-players alike, this serious RP server is new on the scene with friendly staff, a keen playerbase and a dramatic, dark and hellish story ahead of it.

The script runs on an adapted version of Severance and will require you to download some content-packs found on the forums.

For more information, a full story and our forums please head over to http://zackhost.us.to/forums/ and throw us a friendly ‘hello’.

Server IP:

What map does it use? Are there Zombie NPC’s? Jobs? And how big are the content packs?

Severance doesn’t use jobs. Or well it does, but it isn’t just like in DarkRP. You need to be flagged.

We’re using Dans SNPC pack and it is on central17. We’ve recently moved forums so feel free to check us out:


Feel free to check out our hosting options for clan sites etc whilst you’re there.

I’m assuming that players play as human survivors?

Players play as umbrella forces, military, survivors. Zombies are NPC’s.