Zilo's Skin/model? Request

-Snip- People not posting after 5 days

No one? Oh come on! its been 2 days D:

If I could model, I would help, but I am still just learning to use my modeling program :frowning:

Good luck!

I don’t know why I even try to make a model/skin request anyways, Noone does anything with it

To be honest, it’s because it’s a personal model request. 99% of the time, you make it yourself; the other 1% is when you’re famous for something else and a fan, on their own initiative, makes you one as a gift.

Nobody gets responses to requests for a “me-model”, except perhaps “fuck off” and “die in a fire”.

Requests that are more likely to get responses are for simple static props, simple color swaps, headhacks, and rips from other games. If something is really wanted by several people, you might get a character model made from scratch. Even then, it’s most likely that the author created it for himself, and didn’t even see the request.

So, sorry to burst your bubble, but this request here? Not gonna happen.

Hey, at least I explained, instead of just rating you dumb.