zing! PvP/Sleep/NoDecay/InstaCraft/Share EVENTS! (US) Forums/Website!


Hey there guys! New US server based out of Phoenix, AZ up and running, pretty active, loyal members logging on daily. We’re looking for some more players to populate our little world.

Server Features:
:heavy_check_mark: RUST++
:heavy_check_mark: PvP
:heavy_check_mark: Sleepers
:heavy_check_mark: No decay
:heavy_check_mark: Door sharing
:heavy_check_mark: Instant craft
:heavy_check_mark: Starter kit
:heavy_check_mark: Daily events
:heavy_check_mark: Weekly events
:heavy_check_mark: Contests
:heavy_check_mark: Friendly GMs
:heavy_check_mark: Website
:heavy_check_mark: Forums

Direct Connect:
(Server name is exactly the same as thread title if you’d rather not direct connect)

GMs are pretty awesome over here, giving help when it’s needed, random item giveaways, and more. GMs NEVER have godmode turned on. Want some sweet items? Come try and kill us – if you dare.

Not very rule intensive. Cuss all you want, block other peoples’ bases for a laugh, whatever. Obviously we will unblock their base, so watch out, they’ll probably come block yours. You could start a war!

Website: www.RustZing.com

Hope to see you guys online!

Bump! There’s a gang/clan war going on right now, lol.

To the top in hopes of gaining more players! Last one before I turn in for the night.