Zinger - Battle Golf

I’m going to keep this short, sweet and to the point.


Put simple: mini golf… with a twist. The goal isn’t just to get your ball in the hole, but to fuck everyone over in the progress. Collect items, place bounties, and slam each other around while you attempt to complete the 9 hole course.

Wait, any more information?

The game has a pretty detailed help menu, read it all there.




Older video from beta testing: http://www.vimeo.com/1051931

Map Screenshots (by Waxx from Mine-Dog.net)[ul]

Gameplay Screenshots[ul]


If you play and have any feedback to contribute or bug reports, please do so in this thread: http://www.gatmhq.com/forums/showthread.php?t=466

We’re still working on new items, but could use some ideas. Don’t go overboard, just simple things to give the user a slight edge.










Report Bugs: http://www.foszor.com/mantis

The game is 100% functional. If you have any problems with your camera not working when you connect, or your mouse not working, or you are unable to “Ready Up”, or any other major malfunction… it is because of addons you have installed, commonly Wiremod. Anything that alters your screen view like VCU or anything else I can’t think of right now is the reason you’re having problems. Every time someone had one of these issues, it was resolved by disabling their addons and clearing their Lua cache.

[li]Gamemode: Jinto and I
[/li][li]Map: Waxx
[/li][li]Beta Testing: Mine-Dog.net & GATM members

Unbelievably amazing

I joined the server and had to leave it downloading for about 10 minutes, then couldn’t try it out because it requires multiple players and noone was connecting.

The game looks and sounds awesome though, it’s just a shame there’s only one empty server on the other side of the world. :frowning:

This certainly looks like it could be a great LAN game, so I do hope you release it sooner or later.

Damn this looks pretty cool! Great idea of a gamemode. :slight_smile:


…This sounds AMAZING. :smiley:

This looks kinda cool, Might try it soon.

Hooray for the simple render.RenderView map! :smiley:

Love the GUI, added graphics, and everything else about it.

I didn’t even know we had a second GATM server though.

I’ve been tricked!

Was shown this thread by a “friend” and decided to check it out, after playing a few rounds I stopped and told him about it, seeing as he’s at work. This is my “review” :lol:

11:20 AM - unnamed: Eh
11:20 AM - unnamed: That wasn't as fun as I was hoping
11:20 AM - [MT]OMalley - HL2LAND R FUNNAY!!: too bad
11:20 AM - unnamed: Yeah :/
11:20 AM - unnamed: Wow, it's mini golf with meh power ups
11:21 AM - unnamed: The power up system is wierd too
11:21 AM - unnamed: Basically
11:21 AM - unnamed: Instead of entitys you need to hit
11:21 AM - unnamed: You get them from players
11:21 AM - unnamed: Well
11:21 AM - unnamed: The last player to go is the one with a powerup
11:21 AM - unnamed: You hit that player
11:21 AM - unnamed: You get the powerup it says
11:22 AM - unnamed: Which sucks
11:22 AM - unnamed: Cause if that player is way behind you
11:22 AM - unnamed: No power up for j00
11:22 AM - unnamed: AND
11:22 AM - unnamed: All the powerups are a small radius around the ball
11:22 AM - unnamed: I was kinda hoping for a few ranged things, but I guess it keeps it "fair"
11:22 AM - [MT]OMalley - HL2LAND R FUNNAY!!: lol
11:22 AM - unnamed: So basically
11:22 AM - unnamed: Balls need to be touching
11:23 AM - [MT]OMalley - HL2LAND R FUNNAY!!: LOL
11:23 AM - [MT]OMalley - HL2LAND R FUNNAY!!: SO ITS GAY?
11:23 AM - unnamed: OMFG
11:23 AM - [MT]OMalley - HL2LAND R FUNNAY!!: lul
11:24 AM - [MT]OMalley - HL2LAND R FUNNAY!!: =P
11:25 AM - unnamed: But seriously
11:25 AM - unnamed: Its really nice for an early release type of thing
11:25 AM - unnamed: Hope he starts adding more stuffs
11:25 AM - unnamed: Foszor never really disappoints me

I like it, but will it ever be released for public use?

Thanks for the worthless response.

Instead of gay jokes and whining, got any decent feedback to make it better?

Having been mapping and testing for this in the past week or so, I will say this game is a serious health risk because I can’t stop playing it.

God dammit, foszor.

More Gameplay Screenshots:

I’ll be tweaking things today whilst I play. Hope to see you guys there later.

Reading helps. :downs: One would think that a lua coder could as least read or you just don’t care what some people think.

Bug: Proximity mines are not removed when the round is over.

Amazing fun

Bug, sometimes the name tag sticks even though the ball isn’t there anymore.

I’m thinking that when we get to start making maps for it, I think I might modify the HL2 maps a little to work on this gamemode. The coast ones might be good for golf. Or the citadel.

Speaking of maps… what entities are needed?

Once again, amazing job. Jesus christ. :uhoh:

Just had quite a few games and I myself enjoyed It a lot especially using Pipe-Bombs :slight_smile:

Tried visiting the Report Bugs link, but takes you to a log in page? Well anyway.


-Remove the flashlight ability, got annoying with people spamming it and the sound really started to irritate me, when I was listening to music :stuck_out_tongue: Also to add, when the ball is moved you could sometimes see the cone of light from one side of the ball shining on the floor.

-Disallow the use of sprays near/over the holes.

-I enjoy the aerial view camera, but the ability to zoom In/Out would be fantastic, and also the ability to have free roam to look around from the aerial view using W A S D or Arrow keys


-The Turn-Timeout sometimes doesn’t reset on next players turn. I had around 130 average ms, no idea If it was just me or not, and then when say 10 seconds was on the clock, was still unable to take the shot and would skip my turn.

-The “Mine” ability if left on the map unexploded, once 9 holes are completed and round resets back to hole 1 with the entity still there.

Don’t know if this was server side or my install playing up, but before I completed downloading all the files, my game crashed, when I rejoined, I instantly connected with no problems so unsure of this one.

Anyway I hope all goes well with the Development of this, and might look into creating some levels myself and get some ideas going.

Can you release a tutorial .vmf of what entities are needed and stuff?

You’ll be my best friend if you do!