Zinger! Headshots threw wall?

Don’t you hate it when VAC and CheatPunch do nothing? (Yes, I understand it’s hard to combat)

Can’t we have a nice game without script kiddies paying $10 for hacks on a $20 game ._.

Most Likely a new account, has it on private,

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83162533

Ok I am a bit sorry but THREW is actually used in sentences like, “I threw my ball at the stumps”. You should have said, “Through” (Seriously man… get it right haha).

But I did notice your base is next to a rock and I am suspecting this player has put himself inside the rock and shooting you from the inside to troll you. It is completely possible to do so without hacking so I do not think this could be hacks that and I have never ever heard or seen this before.

I have my account on private. I rather not have snoopy kids or adults look at a account which I need to have to play to see who I am, what I play etc… So am I a hacker? You got trolled, deal with it.

Silly answer, we were killed like this many times in our house even without p250. And there was no rock.

You call me silly? It says you were killed by a P250, how else do you get killed with a range weapon? I can see a rock to the left when you die. But hey you guys are getting trolled so there is no point arguing here because people who get trolled love to argue and scream. Have a Nice day :slight_smile:

Oh but you know what would be pretty smart. Report him to the server admins or on their forums or when they are online and the title of this thread has a ‘?’ on it meaning you guys are not even sure. The mental capability of some people is just silly.

There is a good chance you where killed by someone using the door glitch instead of hacking.

Basically what happens somewhat frequently on my server is someone will claim hacking in a similar scenario and it’s either:

  1. Someone intentionally abusing the door glitch.
  2. Someone inadvertently abusing the door glitch.

The door glitch allows you to simply see a door as “open” when it’s in fact closed to everyone else, including the server. You will usually get kicked after trying to walk through the door if you’ve attempted to walk though these doors. Anyway, they can shoot you through the door, or place sleeping bags on the other side of the doors.

Just my 2 cents!

Best luck.


  1. fail posting this here!
  2. fail on hating on vac & cheatpunch (learn how they work)
  3. stop crying, tell it an admin, be patient or change the server

one thing, “kiddies” don’t know what scripts are, people pay for the hacks or make them,
second thing, calm down and play somewhere else( i see hackers in official servers, now i only play community servers( they don’t show so often)

Vac works by detecting what’s being ran, then waits to ban in a wave,
Cheatpunch sends a screenshot to a database, where someone views or a bot views and detects if it has esp/hacks on.

VAC bypasses are readily available, Cheatpunch bypasses are even easier.

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Someone hacking the game shouldn’t be left to administrators, They should be banned permanently, and correctly with these systems.

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Wasn’t a “Door glitch” He was shooting us from the rad town, we saw the bullets come from the town, wasn’t the only person complaining, Glitching or hacking, still the just as bad.

I agree sometimes its annoying i was in front of a hut and a hill was right behind me and when i poked out crouched i got double shot within the same second with a p250 and i never ever saw the guy

EDIT Also after killing a sleeper i instantly died by some guy named The One and when i respawned i was instantly killed again by him… some people :l

Yup ive played with him when his name was munchmunchmunch Was pretty sure they were hacking. ESP for sure because he became all kinds of legit when the admins showed up to watch him.

Discussion of cheats: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1362475
Discussion of hackers in general (reports and stuff like that): http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1279498&page=32

You should search before you post, or better yet don’t post at all.

This thread doesn’t have any value for the developers - yes they are aware of the hacking problem. Yes, it’s not the greatest situation right now. But they’re making progress. You making a new thread saying, “This guy is hacking,” with your attitude isn’t productive.

Also, the answer to your hacking question is obvious.