Zip to Material Tool

Wasn’t sure whether this would come under mapping, modelling, or coding, so I’m just putting it under ‘General’ - sorry if this is the wrong place.

I’ve written a small, quick tool that will turn assets from websites like CC0Textures, TextureCan, TextureHaven, etc. (where all of the texture maps are in a zip file) and configure vmats for them for use within Source 2 (Tested within HL:A, should work with s&box), meaning that adding a material is much quicker & simpler than before.

Here’s a preview of the tool in action:

It’s nothing massively complex, but I’m hoping that it makes life easier for someone out there.

Full source code is available here and a preview release is available here.
If you’re planning on using it now, you’ll need to change the path to the materials folder in the ‘config.json’ file (make sure you keep the double backslashes).
Feel free to ask any questions and let me know if there are any problems.


This is amazing , it will make it much easier to import materials

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i think layla added something similar into base modeldoc

Although its still a hella cool thing to have just in case it has not been added and also to make stuff for half life alyx!

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Had a feeling something like this would already have been added, lmao. Glad it’s there though!

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It’s not the same thing. Afaik the Layla thing assumes everything’s been unzipped and simply creates a material by using just a texture. What OP did allows you to do the same without even unzipping the file.

@xezno this is a very valuable tool and I’ll be for sure using it.

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I hope this works for Substance eh

Have pushed a quick update for this that allows you to convert textures into TGAs, normalize file names, and enables you to drag-and-drop as many zip files as you want at once (although it’ll obviously slow things down if you try to import 100 materials simultaneously)

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