ZM Banshee For HL2 Fast Zombie

Hello!!! Today I Have This!!
It Makes It So The HL2 Fast Zombie Turns Into The ZM Banshee!!
I Made This Because There Was Alot Of People Asking For It! So I Made It
Please Don’t Say I Stole This Because There Is Nothing To Steal, I Also Gave Credit To The Makers Of The Model And Skin

Side-note: Talk About The Download Please Not How I Make Every Letter At The Beginning Of My Words Capitalized.

Give Your Criticism So I May Fix And Improve This

lol ew i remember making this a loooong time ago

i really should make a decent banshee skin some day

Why do you make every letter at the beginning of your words capitalized? You clearly are aware of it, why don’t you stop it?

That’s How I Type, That’s How I Type To My Friends On Steam Chat That’s How I Tell People Like You Why I Type Like This, And That’s How I Typing Right Now.
It Just How I Type, If You Don’t Like It, Well… Too Bad That Is How I Do It

Its Better Than Typing Like OMG DIS IZ HAXX DOWNLOD NAO

And yet it’s still fucking stupid and makes you look like an autistic 8 year old on speed

Oh Really? Cool Never Seen It As A ‘Autistic 8 Year Old On Speed’ I Just Don’t Like To Type Like That Typing Like This Is My ‘Style’

yeah man, don’t crank his style

By The Way Can We Get Back On You Know, The Topic Of The Download Instead Of How I Type

Huh, The Model Looks Pretty Alright. I Don’t Think It Was Worth The Revival. Because It Is So Old And It Just Doesn’t Seem To Be Wanted By Many People Any More.

Be leave Me I Have Had Alot Of People Asking For This Model


3 years ago

Someone MUST make this a fast zombie replacement for HL2. The HL2 default zombies suck.

“3 years ago”

All this is is the shitty Corpse model from HL2 on the FZ skeleton. Good Job.

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Oh my mistake, A nicely-skinned yet incredibly low poly corpse model from HL2.

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oh god hahahah

You need to change both names, You know.

Oh and for a replacement like this you’d need to recompile it with an edited QC.

Uh Ok Nice For You I Never Said I MADE It, I Just Made It Replace The Zombie, Never Said I Worked Hard Or Anything,Also Why Would I Need Recompile It? It Works Fine And Has All Of The Animations For The Fast Zombie It Wasn’t Hard To Make Anyone Who Knows How To Change Them Can Do It, But Its For The People Who Can’t Do It, I Wanted To Help People When I Can, Nobody Made It (Or Released It Anyways) For The Public, So I did.

Sorry but I literally cannot read your posts with that kind of capitalization

The download and his typing are very similar.

They both suck.

Please kill yourself

what is wrong with you kids here on fp? cant seem to keep on topic? nice release btw, can you make a replacement for the crawling zombie?


edit: oh yeah, i have a bunch of good stuff but i aint never releasing it here because all the people here cant be respectful and mature.

Typing Like This Is So Awesome You People Are Just Jealous Lol Xd


Because just renaming the outer model without hexing the line i highlighted inside results in an invisible model.