ZM Gamemode

So basically id like to get a group together so we can recreate Zombie Master for garry’s mod. Using LUA of course and use the existing maps.

And don’t post crap like no one cares or its not worth it cause it is to me and some of my friends and that is all that matters :smiley:

Thanks and PM me or post if you’d like to help.

Currently for the Mini-Mod team we need:

-A few LUA coders
-A few mappers (my self included- this is to update existing maps to the OB engine and come up with new maps)
-Swep coders to make the ZM weapons playable in gmod


Oh and as you shall expect all credit will be given to previous owners of any existing content that is re-used or updated :smiley:

Erm, why not just play Zombie Master?

Because it’s zombie master in Gmod!!!

Because the developers stopped working on the game and wont release the source code :frowning:

apierce1289, add me on steam mate. Steamname: tom_6766 !!

Why do you need it in GMod when it exists.

Which I find strange because they did on their forums, ZM in gmod would be pretty good if you allowed any npcs to be added like EP2 hunters and zombine to expand the game mode. Plus we could map for ZM in orange box then.

Uhh… it’s released here

yeah then we can map in the Orange Box engine :smiley:

And i didn’t see that on their forums but its cool gmod would be better any way.

So what’s this ‘Zombie Master’ you all speak of C= anyway, if you need another mapper i’m available.

No offense, this will be about usless as putting Battleground 2 with combines and rebels in Garry’s Mod.

Gamei56 has already made the frame work out of lua and we are already bug testing so u can shut your mouth if u don’t care and don’t comment simple as that :smiley:

Well aren’t we a pesky twelve year old? You don’t go out in real life telling people to shut it so don’t do it in here.

Did u read the thread name? Aparently not so plz stop posting.Thnx

Stop spelling in leet. It’s gets incredibly annoying ,and I read the threads name I posted my feel on it.

Hey guys don’t post any criticisms or anything about my gamemode only say happy things like how good it will be you have to do it because I said so :downs:.

I think its a good idea

I personally love Zombie Master, so if you need another mapper, PM me. I would love to help.

Are you talking normal HL2 zombies, or SNPC’s?

pierce, add me on steam; avows

(if that is your real name)

I would love a gamemode about KILLING ZOMBIES
But infact the only one i saw (you kill npc zombies wit your friends)
Is redead.
So well.
You may add ep1 zombies.
Perhaps reskins of the hunter and make it a “mutated animal”

Hope that helped

Facepunch contains almost as many trolls as /b/. You’re not going to get only positive stuff.