For first i have no idea if i can post this sort of maps here but ill take my chances.
This map i made was releasd a while ago and i have already been given good feedback on it …constructiv that is and i heard facepunch had some great mappers and i thought someone here might be able to help me perfect it?(since it is a css map you can also play it in gmod)(just make sure you also have the game css)


There is 2 criterias i forgot to remove one is ambience and the secound one is detail if you are rating it rate thoose 5 for a neutral rating! thank you!

Although i mainly want feedback about the rest of the criterias.//EatBeavers

Images in the thread would be nice.

Looks quite blocky and the texturing is weird. There’s some weird blocks in places which make the map look really strange.

The decals on the floor (blood) looks really odd.

The lighting isn’t too bad, but it needs stop smearing. Reduce it’s brightness and make it a more natural color. Lamps should be a very pale green for a run-down feeling and very pale yellow for a more modern feel.

There is still a large number of places you could improve on this map quite significantly, but there is a little bit of effort.

I was thinking you could take a look on the once on the fpsbanana link :slight_smile:


Yeah its my first i tried to replica a few fun blocking areas from other fun maps i know of and you noticed the lightning =) yes but could you please name a few places because i made hmm i believe more then 20 -30 places many hidden that is as well.

Why…you posted the thread here.

Since facepunch have a few good mappers omg did you read what i typed up there? i thought someone here might be able to help me further…if you dont wanna help dont reply

I would help if you posted some images.