Back story:

You and a group or rebels find refuge in a military bunker in the middle of the night from a barrage of headcrab canisters on the near by town in the valley. After 42 hours taking refuge in the bunker you round up a team to investigate how much of the town is infected and rescue any survivors. As you and your team exit the safety of the bunker you hear strange screams and horrifying yells coming from the distance in the direction of the town, as your team move through the forest there is a deafening silence. all of a sudden your team gets ambushed by 50 zombies or more! You and your team frantically run back to the bunker and set up defensive positions! Now you and your team need to defend the bunker at all costs!

Map progress: 65%

  1. I’ve made the bunker but need to put in the doors, lights and make the lift work.
  2. I also need to put in the trees and detail
  3. I need to program the npcs
  4. Plus other details

Here is some screen shots on my progress at the moment:

Control room/ HQ

Corridor outside HQ and blast door leading to the lift

Garage outside HQ spawn point (The garage door will lead to version 2)

Outside Bunker

Outside bunker facing town and forest not built

And yes this map will be base at night time, the map will have lights outside so u can build plus i haven’t finished the outside yet i still need to make the town and put in the forest.

I’ve just put it on here to inspire people to make maps like these and get ideas, I’m just building it for me and my mates.

Well you got me! Its a great map!

the ceiling and floor textures don’t fit, a concrete ceiling and dirtyer floor texture would look better.

also, if you must use a brush table, make it less blocky and use better textures on the edge.

i got the ceiling idea from the campaign in ep2 in white forest and the table is only a example to show u that there is going to be a table there. ill make a proper one when everything else is done

thanks man its always nice to be appreciated

Just so you know, you probably spent longer making that table, than whacking down a prop table, which you should use for the final version.

it won’t take to long to make a good table that one i made in the pic took me like 2 seconds to make

Model>brushes. The one in the picture is terrible.

true it is terrible i agreed with that but its only a example :smiley:

Change some textures and make the vent smaller.

Why’s it called ZM? It doesn’t seem to be for zombie master…

well its a working title at the moment and there’s going to be like npc zombies spawning outside and charging the bunker door and u got to defend it

Ever heard of ZombieMod? for CounterStrikeSource?

I like the bunker corridor but as it had already been said you should change the floor and ceiling texture there.
Also I think the outside cliffs look somewhat blocky and too symmetrical although it’s still WIP but I just wanted to point that out.

He can’t be making this map for CS:S since he said he wanted to put zombie npcs into the map and have those attack the bunker via scripts. And as far as I know CS:S uses bots and doesn’t have zombie npcs so this map wouldn’t work in CS:S.
So I guess we’re still left to wonder what the ZM stands for…

I’m thinking of calling it ZD_Bunker_defence ZD being Zombie Defence of course idk what do you think it should be? and what would u call the map? any ideas?

Maybe you could turn the bunker into an abandoned research bunker? Like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R ones.
You could name it ZD_Bunker_X17.

Woah dude this map looks amazing lol. I belive u know when u said u were getting good :slight_smile:

everyone test my map too lol

now theres a way to get publicity

Actually that map looks horrible, I don’t understand how you could have thought it was worthy to put it in this thread.

All you have achieved is showing the supreme sukitude of your map in comparison.

Back on topic, this bunker looks pretty cool. I suggest you put ‘landmines’ in the terrain portion as an early warning system.

Could easily be done with a trigger_multiple, env_explosion and a couple of shooters.

Heres a update:

sry for the crap load of pics lol and in the red photo im still working on the lighting lol

It’s looking pretty good. I’d advise adding a bit more detail to the hallway in pic 3. Like random things, like pallets, boxes, and stuff that’d be there. Also, it’s Defense, not Defence, just letting you know.

im Australian and we spell it defence over here just to let u know defense is the American term and yea some crates or somthing would look nice actually ty