This is a very cool map resembling to zm_crocodile or noodle, it has a keycard that you have to use to disarm bombs throughout the map, yes this is for Zombie Master.

Please put it on some of your servers i would love to play it online. There might be a few bugs like at THE VERY END the sequence to restart the round might not work so you might have to vote for new round to end the level. Reason for this bug is because i don’t have the sdk for Zombie Master, i had to map it through half life 2.

email at

Looks cool, but please texture it.

tell that to zm_crocodile and its still a great map

just judge it on the gameplay, the colors work ok with each other and your not going to be worrying about texture when there is a hoard of zombies coming to kill you. :smiley:

Needs textures…desperately. Architecture’s alright, but still fairly square. Platforms jut out with no apparent means of support. The smoke seems a bit misplaced. Clip tools appears to have been used for the sake of it.

Looking closely, the style changes, like it was either made by more than one person, or parts were stolen, or some areas had more care put into them than others.

Clarification needed…is this your map?

If the author is not here, what is the point of posting it here.

have you even tested it? at the bottom when you first start it says made by dredile, so before you say something like that get your facts right

and besides i just found a big bug in this map during playtesting, im taking it off until i fix it which should be sometime tomorow, and the style changes because i wanted it to. i didn’t want to just have one area orange and black, i wanted some places to be white to.

Yeah I would.

You did say on the above post “tell that to zm_crocodile”. So whose map is it?

I shouldn’t need to touch the map to tell you what’s wrong with the architecture.

i’m dowloading now i just started playing zm again

alright then you guys have it your way, just remember this map is V1 not V2 or V5, V1 so there will be future versions, just post comments you think will help with the next version k?

V1 means that it should be as perfect as it can be. After all, you released it didn’t you?

i did, but in FUTURE versions i can add new things based on your guys’s feedback, so give me feedback on what needs to be improved instead of griping on the fact that its V1

You didn’t. The entire level is in dev textures for a start. Also you seem to think that it being v1 is an excuse for it to be poor. Guess what, it isn’t.

I’ll ignore the fact that half of you are ignorant to zm_crocodile and don’t understand what he’s talking about for right now…that aside, this looks decent. It might make me start playing ZM again.


Have you even played ZM? Christ you’re fucking retarded.

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DEV textures just make you look like you’re too lazy to texture a map.

ITT: People who have never played ZM.

What does ZM stand for? Zombie Madness? Zephyr Melody? Zebra Mashup.

No i have not played zm, does that make my opinion any less valid. Does someone need to make a film to know if it is good or not? The same applies with mapping. I may not have played zm, but i can tell you when the map looks good or not. The dev texturing makes this map look lazy. Some areas look more detailed than others. Some areas just looked rushed. Making the skybox dev too makes it look even more rushed.

It’s a zombie map…it could use dark spaces, flickering lights and dark walls. It could be the sort of map where the users jump at every corner, firing wildly into unseen creatures. It could have been something special, but instead it is a sparse dev runaround.

Once again, I’ll ignore the ignorance. :slight_smile:

ZM is Zombie Master (hurr).

If you’ve ever played zm_crocodile (, you would realize that the map uses nothing but dev textures. That’s obviously what the OP was going for, he wasn’t lazy or bad at mapping. You gotta realize that he’s not making the map to ‘your all-knowing godly standards’.

It’s supposed to be a sparse dev runaround. Learn and educate yourself before you go flying off the handle.

There was a Dev textured map that was good. Lets all never texture a fucking map.

ZM_crocodile looks horrific. Dev can be alright if done well…neither this map or crocodile have been done well. Of course this is from a purely aesthetic view, and if you are just going for uglyness, then you are right ahead.

holy crap you guys you think im lazy? do you even know the mods im in? im in opposing force 2 and i know how to make a map for a certain type of gameplay. and the ZOMBIE MASTER GAMEPLAY is not realism! If you guys can ever have fun in your life maybe you should try playing zombie master and you will realize its not about realism. thanks to the people who are smart enough to even know what zombie master is. the rest of you are all un educated fags.

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