ZM_something Wip map

Hi this is my first map that i am going to release on this forum and it’s also my first vid
so only consrtuctive critisims plz

What you have so far looks ok, but it’s unclear where the map is based. Is it an underground bunker? Anyway, it seems a little early to make a WIP thread. Furthermore, please improve your spelling - I don’t mean spelling “constructive” wrong, I mean saying things like “plz”. It’s annoying and it looks unprofessional.

Are you going to be adding more lighting, props and stuff?

ok but i have run out of ideas did you se when i turned right just before there to the left i dont know what i am going to place there

Looks fairly… uhm… blocky. It’s just some hallways, a slope for stairs and nothing else further.
Also, on a non-related note, please tell me English is not your first language, or that you’re about 10 years old.

english is’nt my main langue swedish is :smiley:


yes i am maybe some blood to

Edit added commas

Also, please use commas in your sentences. The sentence makes so much more sense if you don’t have to read the whole thing at once.