zm_unreal map

Does anyone have a basic knowledge of zombie survival? If so, do you have experience in hammer? If so also, do you want to help with this map? Here is some updated pictures from the last time i showed them.(click here)


Human Spawn


zombie spawn (1)


zombie spawn (2)


dining room


bedroom (1)

^^^Dont know what to in this room…^^^

another room (i call it the lounge room)

bathroom (1)

Unreal is the name of a multiplayer map I am working on for an upcoming mod.

I was like :open_mouth: stealer.

Changing it to zm instead of zs?

oh well i can always change the name… it doesnt matter to me. got any suggestions?

More cubemaptine please.

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yea… i have no idea what cubemaptine is… like, the lightmap grid? or what?

Well I mean are you developing the map for Zombie Master or Zombie Survival?

Place env_cubemap entities around your map. Then type buildcubemaps in the console with cheats on. Then Restart your map.
That will get rid of the shiny bright silver look on props and other things that are supposed to be reflective.

zombie survival. didnt know there was a difference between zm and zs :stuck_out_tongue: i just put unreal as in not real or not alive but the name doesnt matter to me.
EDIT: Oh ok those cubemaps (duh). Just place them all over like one or two in a room? Never used them before so.

I like how doors in real life go from floor to ceiling.

Not a rule, and not NSFW anyway.

My doors do too… IF that’s what you mean.

I also like how windows and doors don’t have frames, barns have floors, and filing cabinets fly.

He means your doors are so high that they touch the ceiling in some rooms. Make them lower.


lol ok ill fix that. they fall to the ground if you touch them. the doors dont go to the ceiling either. I have a seperate wall above them like in every house. It make look like they do but they dont. i couldnt find a texture for the barn floor either. ill add frames to the windows though.

Barns don’t have floors.

ok floor fixed, windows fixed, cubemaps placed. anything else? does anyone want to add anything to it? like some thing else out side or more or different props inside or anything?

Fix the doors.

Apparently it is, even if I wasn’t aware of it until yesterday.