ZN2012 Ban for 3 days Requesting Link to Rules Please

Just got a 3 day ban for an introduction. I do read the rules, and I made every attempt to follow them, I made this alt to ask where is the rule I overlooked? The forums are not the neatest format and I was hoping to be a productive member here, but it is gonna be hard to ask any questions if you are slapped with an auto ban for making a mistake, no warning, just a 3 day ban. Well for whatever the reason, I am banned under no intro rule, yet I can find no rule, my streamers and viewers ask me to come here, that is why I came, because my viewers wanted me to give this community a chance, hope I get a chance to enjoy it, but I guess Ill be forced to wait 3 days

Note to the mod who bans people-You should link the rule violation with the ban, so when a person is ban, they can review the rule they violated-that is how I did it when I was a Global Mod for a gaming community-we also gave warnings, but I understand not all sites do this-the lack of a link however, is very unprofessional

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(User was permabanned for this post ("Use the refugee camp" - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("Use the refugee camp/don't make alts" - postal))