znalecc's Skyrim porting thread

Uhm…I don’t like long speeches - I port things.

And, uh, have a song…

As I told you. It’s amazing. Keep it up. Have a winner.

Brb, making that castlevania scenebuild I’ve always wanted.

Awesome. Can’t wait to use these for future scene builds.

Burnt bodies and castles for everyone!

This is so great.

Holy fuck
A castle

That castle looks amazing! I hope that awsome portal of terror in the back is included as well. :smiley:

It’s from Half-Life 2: Episode 2

edit: Mehrunes Dagon statue added

Holy hell man. I know how time cosuming it is to port models from one game to another and compiling the legos into a single scene. That is outstanding.

I think I’ll port the Riften or Whiterun walls next or if there’s anything else you want, just tell me.

Cave meshes of any kind might be nice. Rocky walls of various shapes would be useful for many a build.

I could see some castle pieces from Solitude being very useful.

Alright, I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

Great thread music. Easily the best song in TES.

begins breathing heavily


I could help.

I had a nostalgiagasm when I heard one of the bards playing it on his harp.

[del]Alright, Solitude walls and Castle Dour parts will be released sometime today.[/del]

It’s been released.

burnt corpses will be hella useful

Can’t wait to make some sex poses in Skyrim.