Zoey about to fall in a crowd of zombies

Hurf im not dead
C&C people


And heres Original


I like it, i had the a moment like this in no mercy.

The camera angle is akward, and it doesn’t really look hectic enough.

Hot to make a picture hectic?
Why is camera angle dumb?

The camera angle is akward, I just think it could of been improved alot.
And I would assume a situtation like that the tensions would be pretty hectic, rather then… “ah well, I’m hangin’ here, ey’ care to pull me up?”

Zoey’s almost like a meaty pinata in that situation.

Well tried to make it as hectic as I could(I took the L4D Intro movie)
-Zombies running around on the ground(lol rhyme).
-Scared face.
-About to fall.

Couldnt think of more.

Francis’s arm looks wierd.

Yeah its a lil bit awkward.