Zoey about to preform an exam on a BLU scout

My anti aliasing has been not working, so I blurred the image a bit (but you can still see some of the jagged).
Hopefully you could fix that because I have the original at the bottom of the OP.


First edit (realized I should have fixed the anti aliasing)


Somebody, call the WAAAMBULANCE.

Glove editing is nice.

Yea. I wish my editing was good.

If only I could figure out why my AA is not working…

Try upping it through the mat_antialias console commands.

"Enie Minie Manie Mo… I wonder where my glove will go"


Sorry but that Zoey skins lips look horrible.
Scout should use his beaver teeth to cut through the gag!

wow what is up with you and this

I like the scout’s posing though

its getting boring, like everything gets boring if you overuse it.

How was that rope made?