Zoey after Bill's Death

Her life took a rather questionable path after Bill was gone.

louis should have died


Oh Rasta, you take every chance you get to throw something sexual in there.

You would Rasti :crying:
jkjk, on topic… :fappery:


is this how you get your jollies?!

Zoey looks all greased up.

Oh if I really wanted to throw something sexual in the main thread, I would be looking at a ban:)

This is soft core.

I’m pretty sure Duke Nukem 3D has better textures than those models.

I don’t like the textures on that model, but I needed the outfit and a match for Zoey’s head. Come to think of it, there ought to be better skins out there for this picture. But done is done.


Anyone remember my Zoey is a man comic?

My friend. Is is very hard to forget when first read. Shit I loved it.

Those mens reactions would be hilarious if you applied my comic to this image.

Wouldn’t this go in sex-pose megathread?

Zoey’s face doesn’t match the rest of her skin.

You think this is a sex pose:)


I am painfully aware of that:( Body is to shiny for Zoey’s head.

I see no sex or nudity

Zoey could have Ellis.

That’s an Alyx body from one of the model packs on Garrysmod.org

Jesus, looks like he just photoshopped a Zoey head on there.

What does Bill’s death have to do with Zoey becoming a stripper? It’s not liked they were related or anything that would mentally scar her. It makes no sense! :bang:



The guy second from the right is quite pleased with the results.