Zoey Alyx hybrid with isolation.

A friend said you couldn’t place Zoey’s head on one of the Alyx bodies. Which is a silly thing to say to me.

I am no good at rim light so I didn’t try.

Looks good. The title mislead me a little, but this looks better than what I was expecting. The arms look a wee bit aliased, and the hands…well, they’re Fakefactory hands. Neither of those did you hold much control over, so I say good job.

There was blurring and freehand arm fixes involved yes. It looked awful otherwise. Tried to make the hands as neutral as possible.

Neck looks warped.

But it’s understandable, necks are really hard to combine.


look pretty good although the neck looks abit odd

I was expecting some kind of horrific two-headed Zoey/Alyx monster. :v:

Did you use the inflator tool or editing to combine them?

Yes the inflator. Head and body wasn’t entirely up to scale, so it was a bitch to edit them together. Took some time in Gimp before I was happy enough.

Big. Ass. Head.

Aye. I should have deflated it a little.

For some reason, it reminds me of the new Resident Evil movie.