Zoey and a vortigaunt causing a ruckus in the trainstation


this isnt good

combine is pooping feet

I don’t even…

Well this is… random :v:

Sir, you just made my day.

What the…?

i think this is very artistic, i see the lighting is just perfect for this garrysmod pose, the shadows are just marvelous. this is one of the best garrysmod poses i have ever seen

what the fuck am i looking at

a vortigaunt kicking a combines butt

Show them who’s the boss Vort!



Wtf, i laughed my arse off.

Alright then, let’s do it.

I don’t understand what’s going on in the picture but the posing is nice.

Dr. Breen, he’s in charge of the whole vile casserole business now.
He ended the Seven Microwaves war by managing Earth’s surrender. They rewarded him with magnificent microwaved casseroles.

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The name seemed very suggestive…