Zoey and Ellis fending off Infected

Ellis was shoving off the infected on the front while Zoey’s got his back.
C&C please. Still need to improve on lighting.


The pic’s tad a bit too dark,huh?

posing is pretty awkward. Ellis’ face is scary, Ellis looks like hes trying to give the infected his gun while having a rage face, i like Zoeys faceposing and Ellis looks like hes doing a pelvic thrust.
It needs some DOF and editting though.

Oh yeah,dammit,I didn’t notice that. Everytime I pose Ellis,his torso area always fucked up. This isn’t the first time.

They also appear to be floating in the first picture, might just be the shadows though.

Choose a good angle and stick with it.

Is it only me or does the antialiasing look bad?

No the anti aliasing is bad. So is the fisheye. And it looks like you darkened the screenshot afterwards or something, which you shouldn’t do; especially for bright lights. Zoey’s posing isn’t bad, but is that the Crysis SMG? I remember those Crysis weapon props being really large. Ellis’ posing is far from great, but you could do worse. His posture and hand positioning looks extremely unnatural. Face posing’s fine. That is all.


dill’s right, Ellis is floating. You can clearly see it on the bottom right picture.

the zombie on the right in the first pannel look’s like he’s doing some kind of a dance