Zoey and Louis are kissing in a rescue zone.

Yay, they finally got rescued!


lul romans


oh no ponytail is clipping!

Good, but the faces look a bit bland.

Please elaborate.

wonder who’s the guy behind the handrail

Bland, needs more contrast,shading and random dust.

What Comby said, and work on the mouth pose. It is fully possible to make smoochie lips. Use the pucker slide bars along with the other adjustments to that effect.

I only used Pucker for the mouth :frown:

Like I did here. [img_thumb]http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4106/4995432199_0d8e1fb81d_b.jpg[/img_thumb]

Experiment with the puffer sliders as well. It is all a matter of trail and error. Also it looks better with closed eyes when making kissing scenes.

I see a barnacle.