Zoey and Nick finding the first infected.


Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn

That’s Nick.

I can never get the L4D2 peoples names right :confused:

First infected?

Patient Zero.

First one to be infected.

Hmm, that soldier looks infected to me

They seem rather calm about it

The way I see it, they’ve killed so many that they stopped being scared.


It spread.

It’s good, I think it needs to be brighter though.

If they killed so many, how can it be the first infected? Unless you mean, they’ve found the first person gettin’ infected, but they only found him AFTER the rest of the world ( not all of it ) got infected. Is that what you mean?

I could imagine Zoey been freezed because of the fear, and Nick yelling her to react :stuck_out_tongue: (I mean in this scene)

Could be a little more bright.


I thought it was pretty obvious.

Is this inside the vault of cs_desert? Or whatever the map is.

Yes I think this is inside the vault of cs desert, but I’m not completely sure. What is that?

Doesnt create a dark feeling or anything.
Everything is just meh.

Love the lightning.

Vault in cs_desert.



What kind of food do you like? Sounds delicious.