Zoey and Rochelle + 2 Bonus





Go easy on the sharpening, mate.

As a Star Wars geek I find it disturbing how a clone is using a droid weapon (Yes, they could be useful, but the clones don’t really trust CIS technology), how there are both Phase I and Phase II-armored clones (Some clones chose to keep their Phase I armor, but not THAT many) and how the lasers don’t glow at all. They also did not use CIS droid gunships.

Oh well enough bitching, I like the third bonus. All of them have quite too much contrast for my taste though.

I’m loving the first one.

They are all pretty neat.

Totally loving the third one tho.

Believe it it or not, the Phase II armor was issued to high-ranks when it was first made, but Phase 1 was still issued to some clones soldiers. After a while, all clones were wearing it.

Also, during the Clone Revolt, clone troopers used the Phase 1 armor.

Do me a favor and stop using sharpen on your pictures.

jesus, seriously. stop using lucis. what a terrible tool to use on garry’s mod.

I think the sharpening actually looks pretty decent on the characters in the last one.

first pretty much owns, second is terrible, third is nothing special but one or two things about it would’ve been worth pursuing. if i can be bothered later, i’ll elaborate. if not, i expect someone else probably will.

Epic star wars picture.

that star wars picture reminds me of the warhammer 40k pictures

Well yes, the picture could be about the Clone Revolt too. Then I don’t really know what the Royal Guards are doing on the Clone side of the battle though.